The Intuitive Eating 101 Course

The Intuitive Eating 101 Course

In this 4 week course you will learn: 
- How to develop your intuition so you always know what you should be eating
- How to naturally start craving healthy foods
- How to trust your inner voice when it comes to food
- How to cope with difficult emotions with unique self love rituals

You will receive:
- Weekly Modules and assignments - $500 value
- Group coaching call weekly - $350 value
- 1 Guest speaker training - $100 value
- Bonus resources for meal planning, prepping, shopping, and living your best life - $200 value
- 1 Individual Coaching Call - $150 value

$1,500 Value all for $555

Ready to eat whatever the hell you want and still lose weight!? 

Let's go girlfriend!