BONUS – Merry Yule from your Boss Witches!

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BONUS Episode – Merry Yule from your Boss Witches!

Merry Yule, Witches!

Does a part of you think that who you are isn’t okay? Do you feel like you’ve lost your identity in the busyness of life? Do you struggle with your own belief system? Does a part of you think you’re wrong for questioning the things you were brought up with? 

Kristen Ramezzana is back to help shed some light on the truth about Christmas, where it comes from, and what Yule actually is and how you might actually be more witchy than you think!!

Open minds listen in and learn a little more about the truth behind Christmas in hopes to give you more information so you can discover more about the REAL you. 

And listen in to the most EPIC announcement ever that you do NOT want to miss!!


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