EP 01 – You Don’t Fit in your Genes

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Episode 01 – You Don’t Fit in your Genes

**Prior to Witchcraft & Wellness this podcast was named after one of my signature programs that is now offered inside the Boss Witches Coven ~ Witchy Weight Loss.
**EP 1 – 19 are all episodes from Witchy Weight Loss. While the program is only offered to coven members now, they are still amazing, educational, and informative episodes if you are looking for some answers to how to be the healthiest version of you in all ways. 


Did you know that those thoughts you think of, you know – the ones about how you’re fat, ugly, worthless, or a failure – aren’t actually YOURS?

I’m not shitting you. In this episode we get real about a big truth that you never knew about – 

Generational Trauma.

Yes, it’s a thing. You have it. Everyone does. And it doesn’t have to be what defines you any more. 

Find out in the episode how generational trauma doesn’t have to hold you back from literally every single one of your dreams or fantasies – THOSE are yours and they are more real than you think! 

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