EP 08 – What’s a Witch?

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Episode 08 – What’s a Witch?

**Prior to Witchcraft & Wellness this podcast was named after one of my signature programs that is now offered inside the Boss Witches Coven ~ Witchy Weight Loss. 
**EP 1 – 19 are all episodes from Witchy Weight Loss. While the program is only offered to coven members now, they are still amazing, educational, and informative episodes if you are looking for some answers to how to be the healthiest version of you in all ways. 


What is a witch anyway? 

And how does it have anything to do with my weightloss? 

Witch, Witchcraft, Wicca, and all things in that realm can get bad rep with people telling us its evil, the Devil’s work, or media portraying it as something scary in horror films – there is a lot of misconception of the word. 

In this episode we aim to really define what a Witch is and start to pinpoint how it could actually be the missing pill to your weightloss. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on the magic weightloss if you don’t identify as one. I work with all sorts of people with various belief systems whether it’s Christianity, Buddhism, Atheism, or anything else – it doesn’t matter. The magic still exists, and the benefits are still yours for the taking. 

So dive into this episode and learn about what a REAL Witch is, and how it (or similar) might be the thing that’s missing in your overall health. 

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