Ep 10 – Gut Health – Inflammation & Intuition

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Episode 10 – Gut Health – Inflammation & Intuition

**Prior to Witchcraft & Wellness this podcast was named after one of my signature programs that is now offered inside the Boss Witches Coven ~ Witchy Weight Loss. 
**EP 1 – 19 are all episodes from Witchy Weight Loss. While the program is only offered to coven members now, they are still amazing, educational, and informative episodes if you are looking for some answers to how to be the healthiest version of you in all ways. 


Inflammation is known as the silent killer and guess what…we all have it. 

Inflammation can be the very thing that keeps you from losing the weight you need to lose to finally be healthy and happy….BUT….there’s more. 

When we start trying to make that GUT INSTINCT louder we also start noticing a decrease of inflammation. How? 

 – You’re finally establishing a connection to your body

 – You’re more apt to give your body what it’s asking for to heal its inflammation

 – You start ditching toxicity in EVERY aspect of your life, food, relationships, career, etc…

Vice versa, when we start focusing on our gut health, we start noticing a deeper connection with ourselves! 

In this episode we dive into a little more about how this works and why it’s time to turn on the light so you can finally take charge of your life AND your results. 

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