EP 14 – Nature is a Mindf*ck

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Episode 14 – Nature is a Mindf*ck

**Prior to Witchcraft & Wellness this podcast was named after one of my signature programs that is now offered inside the Boss Witches Coven ~ Witchy Weight Loss. 
**EP 1 – 19 are all episodes from Witchy Weight Loss. While the program is only offered to coven members now, they are still amazing, educational, and informative episodes if you are looking for some answers to how to be the healthiest version of you in all ways. 


Ever feel like the world is against you? 

Or feel like you just can’t get out of your depression, toxic thoughts, anxiety, yo-yo dieting, etc? 

Are you spinning around the hamster wheel and getting no results? 

Have you ever prescribed yourself some Nature? 

In this episode I share with you an excerpt from my book, The Nature Mindf*ck. I read to you my experience with solo camping for the first time of my life and how it absolutely changed my life. Of course, there’s solid, scientific, reasons why that is too. 

Could Nature be the one, totally free, resource that you need to drastic change your life?

Only one way of finding out! 

At the end of this episode I give you details about my 8 Week Witchy Weightloss Program that begins on March 22nd! 

Hit the link below for more details on the program!


Resources mentioned in the episode: 

1. Book a no-strings-attached FREE 15 minute call with me if you’re ready for change but aren’t sure where to start, here!

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3. To buy your copy of The Nature Mindf*ck click here!

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