EP 05 – You’re Brainwashed into Carb Guilt

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Episode 05 – You’re Brainwashed into Carb Guilt

**Prior to Witchcraft & Wellness this podcast was named after one of my signature programs that is now offered inside the Boss Witches Coven ~ Witchy Weight Loss. 
**EP 1 – 19 are all episodes from Witchy Weight Loss. While the program is only offered to coven members now, they are still amazing, educational, and informative episodes if you are looking for some answers to how to be the healthiest version of you in all ways. 


Feeling guilty for all the foods you ate at the Holiday so far?

Did you know that you actually have been brainwashed into feeling that guilt every single year around this time? 

Diet culture would have you feel shame and guilt for enjoying yourself over the holidays so that you are PRIMED ready to buy all of the new and fancy fads they have planned out rolling in the New Year. 

Remember –  YOUR NEW DIET FAD IS A BUSINESS. And they want your money…not what’s best for you and your body.

Diets have been nothing but empty promises, shame, or guilt. Don’t you want to just end this toxic cycle? 

Then listen in witchy woman, and while you’re at it – book a free 15 minute call to END that bullshit for good. Because you’re meant to ENJOY life AND love how you look. And yes! You CAN have both! 


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