Podcast REBRANDING to give you better and more inclusive content, for FREE!

Hey Witchy Women!!

I absolutely LOVE doing my podcast – it’s one of my favorite things about my job, just sharing all this information so that you can have tools to be your best self. 

In the beginning I knew NOTHING of starting a podcast, and at the same time I had my own private health coaching business as well as a joint business with my bestie, Kristen Ramezzana, a coven we’re launching May 1. 

I talk all the time on the pod about being authentically you – and so I am announcing a rebrand of the podcast so that I can continue to do walk my talk. 

My business and programs will be moving inside my new joint business – Boss Witches Coven.

Inside this coven we aim to help educate witches on their own journeys with magic whether they identify as a witch or as a spiritual badass. We also aim to help other Witchipreneurs and Spiritual Boss Babes to help grow their businesses, because their work is needed in the world. 

This coven will have 3 tiers of membership to meet you where you are at as well as tons of different services and programs so that you can become your best self whether it’s your nutrition, your spiritual journey, your relationships, shadow work, and anything in-between – we will have you covered. 

For more information about our coven and to get on the waitlist where you will receive freaking AWESOME free stuff and early bird pricing visit: www.thebosswitchescoven.com

Since my programs and business will be combined with the Coven, I feel like I have MORE freedom to give you even more FREE information on this podcast and provide quality resources at no cost. This feels so right and aligned with me, and I know it will make this whole experience so much more fun and enjoyable for all. 

With that being said, my podcast will be rebranding to Witchcraft & Wellness so that I am able to talk about a wide variety of topics, offer insightful pod guests, and so much more to all things wellness. 

I am so excited to provide you with MORE – so don’t worry if you start seeing new artwork, or hearing new intro’s etc, it’s only getting BETTER.

Thank you all for your continued support and love!!

Cheers to an authentically aligned podcast!

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