Babe, you're more powerful than you know...

But these pesky patterns hold you back:

Yo-Yo Dieting

Emotional Eating

Choosing Unworthy Partners

Poor Self Worth & Body Image



Trauma Triggers


Just to name a few…

These patterns are called your shadow self.

Carl Jung, a 20th Century Psychologist developed the process of shadow work, aka the hidden parts of yourself. 

Have you ever said something you wish you could take back? 

Have you ever wondered why you would think such terrible things about someone or yourself?

Or why you have certain fears or triggers? 

This is all a part of what we call the Unconscious Mind: The place that houses repressed memories and emotions. When the dark parts of our mind go unchecked, it spills over and steers your life, taking away your ability to become the best version of you – the self you long to be. 

Shadow work is the process of removing these repressed memories and emotions so that you can easily create new habits, new routines, and new choices that align with your higher self. 

Clients receiving shadow work instantaneously feel more confident, less anxious, have more clarity, and feel more themselves.



Shadow Work FAQ’s:

1. Is it scary?

No. Your brain is powerful. It knows exactly what you are ready to release and what you are not. There is absolutely no need to fear going into a shadow work session. 

2. Will I see or experience things I don’t want to?

Again, no. Whatever your body is ready to release, will be released. Nothing is ever forced. We also don’t always have to rely on sight – we can use all our other senses to gather the information needed. 

3. What about Past Lives? 

Our soul has lived one big long life, and so sometimes it forgets that the threat that plagued you in the past is over. Shadow work also allows us to go into a past life to heal any trauma and release any repeated behavior or pattern so that you can show up more fully in this life. 

4. So what makes you different?

I studied neuroscience and brain development in College, and since then have spent many hours and dollars investing in more education. Currently, I am enrolled in the first-ever Certification program for Shadow Work under the mentorship of Danielle Massi, licensed Psychotherapist and Master Shadow Worker. It is incredibly important that whoever takes you through your shadow is trauma informed in order to be sure that nothing is re-traumatized or overwhelmed. There is a specific method that must be taken when guiding others in their shadow and that is what I do in order to get the most transformative, and also safe, outcome. 

5. How does it work?

We start by getting you into a deep meditative state. I will bring in spirit guides or ancestors of yours that you trust to be there with you throughout the process. I utilize my own guides and intuition to steer you where you need to go as you communicate with me what it is you are seeing, feeling, and experiencing. It is an extremely safe space and every call is completely confidential.

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"We have come to a fork in the road. Choose the path you've always taken that leads to nowhere, or clear the brush and form a new one on your own. No one can make that decision for you. So choose."

- The Nature Mindfuck

About Nikki Colmone:

The Womb Witch

CEO The Dark Goddess Collective 

Head Shadow Seeker for CYLA

I used to look in the mirror and pick out all the ways my body failed me, all my imperfections, and all the ways I wasn’t and could never be ‘sensual.’

I used to deny who I truly was to please others or fit in. I used to fear being alone so I went from one abusive relationship to another.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t seem to stick to anything and I felt like a failure, like all the abusive things said to me were true.

Through my studies of Nutrition, Nature therapy, Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity, Shadow Work, and Trauma while also embracing my inner Witch, I was able to find a way out and say goodbye to the abuse, the self-hate, the emotional eating, the panic attacks, and every single thing that made me feel unworthy or not enough.


And now, with over 10 years of experience, a pinch of education, and a dash of magic, I help women do the same.

Isn’t it about time you unleashed yourself?