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Using Witchcraft and my 10+ years in the field of Nutrition and Health & Wellness I give you exclusive information, tools, and interviews with experts to change your life from the inside out. From Nutrition, to Mental Health, and Spiritual Development, you can expect it all here on this podcast!


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TW – We’re talking about religious trauma in this episode and how harmful purity culture really can be. 

Ever wonder what Religious trauma looks like?

Maybe you already know, and maybe it has negatively impacted your life. 

I share my own personal experience and why it is so important to WAKE UP and BE YOURSELF and start to give zero F*cks when it comes to owning your uniqueness! 

If you have a history of religious trauma – so much can be harmed. What I found to be so impactful in healing and becoming more myself was shadow work, in specific deep shadow work. 

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